Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How to 'Religiously' Care for your Denim

Let's be real: Everyone LOVES their jeans. They're that perfect, no-fail solution to the ever-present "what to wear" conundrum. And now with the first True Religion store open in Sandton City, we are all able to elevate the jeans we wear to the level of a fashion statement ...

The premium denim brand, with its hand-sanded vintage washes, signature seams, and iconic label solidifies truly make them unique. What’s better is that True Religion are superbly durable, constructed to last, and even look better as they age. So it goes without saying that taking care for your denim can go a long way, in fact it’s essential for extending their life and keeping them looking great year after year. 

Now thanks to these handy tips from Tamika Miller; Senior Consultant at the NEW True Religion Store in Sandton (part of the The Surtee Group), the custodians of the designer denim brand in South Africa, you will have the know-how on how to religiously care for your denim: 

  • You can wear jeans numerous times before throwing them in the wash. In fact washing them too much reduces their lifecycle. Less is more in this case. 

  • You know it’s time to wash your denim when your denim crinkle behind the knee. 

  • The best option is to hand wash your denim. Mix some laundry detergent with cold water in your sink and make sure your jeans absorb the soapy solution. You don’t even have to scrub, just gently stir up the water, and then rinse them a few times so that all of the soap is gone. 

  • In fact you should keep your denim out of the washer and dryer, as denim is meant to withstand a little wear and tear. 

  • But if you want to wash your denim in the washing machine, turn them inside out first to help prevent any fading. Set the machine to use cold water and the delicate cycle. 

  • When washing your denim in the washing machine don't include any fabric softener. It loosens the spandex and reduces its durability, making them more susceptible to tears. 

  • You should wash dark denim alone to ensure that you avoid any dye transfer onto other garments. 

  • Once the wash cycle finishes, remove your jeans and let them air-dry. 

  • In fact hanging them in the sun will naturally freshen them up. 

  • For a good steam clean, hang your denim in the bathroom while you shower. 

  • A great tip is to place your denim in the freezer in a paper bag (so that they breathe). The reason for doing this is because the lower temperature will kill any bacteria. 

  • But just remember that the freezer won't shrink your jeans, and bring them back into shape. The best way to do so is to turn them inside out and throw them in the dryer without washing them. If you are wearing stretched jeans, this will help bring them back into shape. 

  • Ever wanted your denim to have a beautiful sheen? Just simply rub some baby oil to your legs, and after a few wears your denim will absorb the oil and have that desired sheen you’ve been searching for. 

  • Once your jeans are clean, store them by hanging them straight from the waistband; this will avoid permanent creasing and faded dye along the folds. 

And now that you know how to care for them, all that remains is to find your pair of signature style True Religion jeans that have been meticulously individually crafted and given their look by special washing processes and techniques. Just be sure to not give them your own washing technique in the process.

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