Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Call it Spring Celebrates the Local in Us All!

CALL IT SPRING takes you to a forgotten seaside resort and amusement park in its spring 2013 campaign. Live the memories first hand as we join a local group of friends, as they become tourists in their own town. It’s a local’s only adventure, and we’re tagging along for the ride ...

Enjoy the freedom of the off‐season, and reclaim the city! Explore your favorite summer haunts before the tourists take over the town. The boys skateboard in empty pools and across the promenade, while girls play hard‐to‐get at the arcade, sipping on slurpees wearing sorbet tinted wedges. Everyone is dreaming of sneaking a kiss under the boardwalk as they anxiously wait for summer to make an appearance tomorrow, while living the romance of the spring season today. 

Season after season, the CALL IT SPRING campaign follows a group of friends on everyday adventures. Filled with idiosyncratic moments, these journeys help them carve out their identities and discover what it means to be unique. Always taking a personal and poetic angle, CALL IT SPRING's campaigns play on the thoughts and dreams of this generation, catering to their need of individuality.

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