Monday, 5 August 2013

Topshops Latest Trends: August 2013

Topshop has revealed it's latest trends that will be available in South African Stores Mid-August ...


This trend references the cult 90’s teen film, ‘The Craft’ about a group of young girls who get into witchcraft. Modernised fabrications, PU and simple-style silhouettes are paired with oversized boyfriend outerwear pieces. Organic, spooky woodland motifs and photographic inky florals in bruised colours are prevalent. Moulded appliqué and corded trophy sweats worn with gothy maxi/midi floaty dresses help to create the high low feel for this trend. Monochrome laser cuts, micro studding and colourful embroideries are used for embellishment. The long leg jumpsuit re-surfaces and the pinny also looks set to continue in softer fabrications and prints. 

This is a blend of Femme Fatale and Wes Andersons’s iconic heroines — Suzy from last year’s Moonrise Kingdom and of course Gwyneth as Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums

This colourful and playful trend has a slight retro feel but with a modern twist. Outerwear is key but there is a move away from the boyfriend Crombie and patched furs, vintage inspired and contrast collars look new again. Simple mini shift dresses are worn under plasticized vinyl overcoats. This season it is all about mix and match separates: quirky skirts (Conversational & Mixed Media Applique) worn with crop silhouettes and shorter length honeycomb knits and tailored jackets paired with the pencil which has returned! Bold intarsia motifs are big with a mixed yarn bear face & cute-kitsch appliqué ideas for tees & sweats. Socks are worn with heavy soled platform shoes. 


90's Antwerp is a trend which pays homage to the Belgian school of conceptual designers who had their heyday in the early nineties. This features innovative fabrications and experimental techniques. Masters of deconstruction and an avant-garde approach, they re-invented the classics with a distinctly modern edge. The story is strongly rooted in tailored pieces, with a heavy influence of menswear staples prevalent. Tailored men’s-style trousers, crisp white poplin shirts and mix slouch overcoats are all twisted or subverted in some way. The elements are raw or bound seams, clever folding and origami influences to create semi-sculptural shapes, asymmetry and functional fastenings such as zips, velcro and D-rings. 

So, Which trend will you be buying into from Topshop this August?

All images via Topshop

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