Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bracelet Key

If you are like me and constantly loose or misplace your keys at the most inconvenient time possible, then you need the Bracelet Key. It is a creative, simple and practical solution to ensure that your Keys Never get Lost Again! ...

Kim Jeongmin, Kim Ji Soo & Chung Boogun
Designed by Kim Jeongmin, Kim Ji Soo and Chung Boogun, the Bracelet KEY transforms the key into a fashion item that can be conveniently worn on the wrist. The key shaft forms one end of a silicon band that locks together around the wrist. The key shaft is hidden within the band and is released by pressing a small round button near the connection point.
I'm Q-rious to see how this Concept will be used by Big Brands, who could incorporate the design with their Company Slogans or Logos. Hmmm ... maybe Honda could implement this design so that I can stop loosing my car keys *hint hint*.
source: reddot

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