Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Origami for Me

Photo compliments of Google

Those of you who have Googled something today would have noticed that there is a Google Doodle made of Origami to celebrate the 101st Birthday of Origamist, Akira Yoshizawa, who is considered to be the Grandmaster of Origami...

I must add that I Love Origami and Paper Crafts, so when I saw the Google Doodle this Morning, I coudn't help but click it to find out more. 

So, What is Origami:
It is the traditional Japanese Art of paper folding, which started around the 17th century AD and became popular outside of Japan in the mid-1900s. No Scissors or Glue is used in Origami.

Akira Yoshizawa in 1995 holding one of his Origami Pieces

A Bit About Akira Yoshizawa:
Born on 14 March 1911, in Kaminokawa, Japan, to the family of a dairy farmer. He is credited with raising Origami from a craft to a living art. According to his own estimation made in 1989, he created more than 50,000 models. Yoshizawa acted as an international cultural ambassador for Japan throughout his career and in 1983, Japanese emperor Hirohito named him to the Order of the Rising Sun, one of the highest honors that can be given to a Japanese citizen. He died on his 94th birthday due to pneumonia. [Read more about Akira Yoshizawa on Wikipedia]

Below, some of his Amazing Work:

... And a Few Other Origami Artists:

Fox and Bear Giang Dinh
Yamaguchi Tomoyuki
Nyanko Sensei
And My Absolute Favourite!!! ... Origami Yoda ...

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