Tuesday, 18 December 2012

466/64 Fashion: A Christmas Gift that makes a difference

466/64 Fashion makes Christmas gift buying easy for those who love looking great AND helping to make a difference.

The proudly vibrant global fashion brand from South Africa has plenty of present-perfect items in its Summer 2012/2013 range in store this month and over December, turning festive season buying into something a little more meaningful ...

Income generated from the sale of each 466/64 Fashion item goes to 46664 South Africa — the not-for-profit organization that furthers Nelson Mandela’s humanitarian legacy and help change the lives of young people living in under-resourced communities.

The support of South African consumers purchasing 466/64 Fashion items has already resulted in the brand being able to fund the installation and stocking of two container libraries in schools in the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

Here are some hand-selected individual gift ideas recommended by Chris Vogelpoel and Barbara Tosalli, the 466/64 Fashion design team:

For those looking for something special for the woman in their lives, Barbara recommends the diagonal stripe swimsuit cover-up knit dress with its relaxed fit and vibrant design, the oversized 2-tone knit blouse that fits all body shapes and the versatile knit dress which can be worn in 8 different ways, can be effortlessly dressed up or down and won’t crease when thrown into a small travel bag.

Versatile Knit Dress: 4 out of 8 Options of Wearing
For men of all sizes and ages, Chris selected the striking Freedom Gym T- shirt, which carries the brand’s commitment to the values and legacy of Mr Mandela. The range’s green blazer along with the pink & striped shirt – both of which feature 466/64 Fashion's signature subtle details that speak to its African heritage – also make for signature gifts.

For online shopping and additional options for Christmas visit www.46664fashion.com or visit the store locator on the site to find your nearest stockist.

All Pictures via 466/64 Fashion

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