Friday, 23 December 2011

Miami Airport Gets a Make-over

November 2011, marked the opening of Christopher Janney's "Harmonic Convergence" at the Miami International Airport (MIA)...

Harmonic Convergence” features a 21.5m (72ft) long window with diamond-shaped panels of colored glass with a White 'X-Frame'. Janney has created a gradually changing pattern ranging from deep reds to bright violets, similar to a rainbow, consisting of more than 150 transparent colors.

A sound-score, written by Janney and played over a multi-speaker system, accompanies the experience. The sound-score elicits tropical birds, distant thunder storms, sounds of the Everglades and other natural environments indigenous to Florida.

After a long flight, I'm sure that plain grey and white walls and windows aren't going to impact travellers in any way but a multitude of colourful lights and beautiful sounds is sure to make the grumpiest and most tired of passengers smile.

Glass Placement Diagram
left: External View of the raised walkway, prior to the installation
right: Interior View of the space prior to the installation
This is really a new Icon for Miami and the "MIA Movers"! ... I should definitely make a stop here, to experience it! (... Anyone wanting to sponsor me a ticket?) ;)

P.S. If you are Q-rious to find out more information on Christopher Janney and his work, click here.

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