Thursday, 28 March 2013

Energise your mix!

South Africa’s first energy-infused vodka has been launched by Russian Bear! 

Produced by Edward Snell & Co., triple distilled Russian Bear Energy Fusion includes Caffeine, Guarana and Taurine for “The Next Level” in high-energy party drinks ...

Until now, one of the most popular ways of enjoying vodka was with an energy drink mixer. But, Russian Bear Energy Fusion is changing the space forever by giving clubbers and party-goers the opportunity to energise their favourite mixer, like sparkling apple juice, cranberry juice or lemonade. 

“There is no longer a trade-off between drinking your favourite mixer or getting the energy to keep the party going,” says Schalk van Wyk, the Edward Snell & Co. Marketing Manager. “Russian Bear Energy Fusion is the future and we’re looking forward to growing the opportunity.” 

While Caffeine is the main ingredient, Guarana and Taurine intensify the energy experience. Guarana is a plant from South America that contains a Caffeine compound, and Taurine is one of the most common amino acids that helps improve mental vitality and physical energy. At 100mg per litre, the Caffeine levels in Russian Bear Energy Fusion are fairly moderate. However, consumers are reminded to enjoy responsibly. 

Van Wyk adds that Russian Bear Energy Fusion can be mixed with other energy drinks, but it’s flavour profile is specifically chosen to complement traditional mixers, such as sparkling apple juice, cranberry juice and lemonade. 

Clear glass bottle packaging and a brand colour palette of blue, silver and white reaffirm the energy messaging. 

A 750ml bottle of Russian Bear Energy Fusion costs approximately R95 from liquor stores nationwide. In addition to the standard variety of Russian Bear, there are a number of unique flavours, such as spiced vanilla with a hint of coffee, crushed lime and mint, and wild berry and Guarana. 

To complement the launch of Russian Bear Energy Fusion, an exciting new brand campaign will be released on Monday, 1 April 2013.

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