Friday, 15 March 2013

Find Your Edge — Wrangler F/W 2013

Wrangler is the one of the three biggest denim brands with over a hundred years of denim heritage. Founded in the USA in 1904, Wrangler was originally named Blue Bell and has its roots in workwear. It was renamed Wrangler, meaning “working cowboy”, in 1947 and focused on delivering denim innovation and authentic craftsmanship devoted to its denim heritage. The iconic “W” stitch is the signature of Wrangler, distinguishing it from the “Lazy S” of LEE and “double arcuate” of Levi’s.

Keeping true to it’s roots, Wrangler is encouraging you to discover and embrace a spirit of adventure and freedom by introducing its new advertising campaign “Find Your Edge” in Fall/Winter 2012. 

“Edge” is a way of life, living on the precipice, pushing the boundaries. Being on the cusp means always leading, always innovating, and never following. Edge is a daring attitude.

Wrangler “Find Your Edge” is an emotive call to action to awake your instincts and untameable wild spirit, igniting your sense of spontaneous adventure. 

To cope with wild nature on the open road, Wrangler Fall/ Winter 2013 collection introduces the modernized “Broken Twill” men’s denim series, equipping you with the most comfortable and durable authentic denim gear for everyday journey.

Check out the Wrangler Fall/Winter 2013 collection at Stuttafords stores nationwide.

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