Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Call It Spring: Destination Space Camp ...

CALL IT SPRING’s cast of characters blast off to space camp this winter. Imagination runs wild as our city astronauts travel through the extra-terrestrial highway and urban landscape. With nothing but a telescope in hand, this adventurous crew boldly go where no one has gone before! ...

“Think science fair meets the breakfast club”, says Reanna Evoy, Senior Art Director, CALL IT SPRING  “The campaign explores the ideas and novelties surrounding space culture; taking it to new heights all the while having fun”. 

Season after season, the CALL IT SPRING campaigns follow a group of friends on everyday adventures. Filled with idiosyncratic moments, these journeys help them carve out their identities and discover what it means to be unique. Always taking a personal and poetic angle, CALL IT SPRING campaigns play on the thoughts and dreams of this generation, catering to their need for individuality. 

The CALL IT SPRING Space Camp adventure Collection will be available in all CALL IT SPRING stores from Mid-March 2014.

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