Monday, 14 April 2014

a.y.k opens @ 44 Stanley

a.y.k, which stands for “as you know”, has just opened its second store at 44 Stanley in Auckland Park. Each of the 2 stores, with a.y.k’s flagship store being in Hyde Park Corner, stocks its own interpretation of a.y.k; Hyde Park focusing mainly on the season to come and 44 Stanley on the season at hand. This allows for a variation of choice and style offering the consumer eclectic elements of this Japanese inspired brand ...

a.y.k @ 44 Stanley is an eclectic, vibrant display of Asian influence with an offering that is authentic to the brand yet real in its affordability. It is a feminine display of chic yet trendy that compliments its surroundings. 

Both a.y.k stores offer couture street designs that cater specifically to the very different locations. What sets a.y.k apart is the “only 1 size per style” allowing unique, one-of-a kind individual clothing at affordable prices.

44 Stanley enjoys a taste of Indu Homme – a range designed for men but adopted as a unisex range by a selective few forward thinking and unconventional woman! Indu Homme is a “mash-up” of elegance and urban edge which kindles the inner fanaticism of city stylish men (and a handful of adventurous women)!

For further information e-mail or call +27 (0)83 256 7890.

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  1. Shall have to return to 44 Stanley and get acquainted with a.y.k. Thanks for sharing.