Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cirque Éloize iD: Contemporary Circus Arts and Urban Dance Explodes on Stage

The internationally acclaimed award winning Cirque Éloize iD will soon be in South Africa for the first time, opening at the Teatro at Montecasino, Johannesburg on 19 August for a limited season. Enjoyed by tweens, teenagers and adults of all ages, Cirque Éloize iD combines circus arts and urban dance within a high-energy non-stop fusion of lights, sound and incredible body movements. Seeing is believing! This unique stage show features astounding acrobatic disciplines with hip-hop and street dances to give a fresh and high octane spin to modern circus ...

Brought to SA by Showtime Management (Eminem, Disney On Ice, Jersey Boys, Tap Dogs) in association with DSTV, Cirque Éloize (pronounced ‘serk ehl-wahz’) gets its name from the flashes of lightning that is seen on the horizon. As the curtain goes up, the energy on stage equals that generated by lightning during a Highveld thunderstorm! The dynamic troupe from Montreal — also home of Cirque du Soleil — comprises of 14 performers who incorporate 13 circus disciplines, as well as urban dance. Founded in 1993, Cirque Éloize has performed in 440 cities around the world. iD is Cirque Éloize  8th original production. It was first staged in 2009 and has since been seen by more than 500 000 people in 50 cities in 12 countries.

What exactly is Cirque Éloize iD? Imagine a deserted urban space that comes to life on stage with an adrenaline rush as the electronic yet poetic rock music begins and an amazing array of playful, skilled and youthful city dwellers meet on the streets to captivate you with their jaw-dropping movements as the city comes alive in an explosion of light, sound and non-stop movement. The show’s lucid energy and poetry explores the idea of freedom - the notion of going down into the underground is enticing as the younger generation takes over the city by dancing and jumping that turns it into a place of wonder where anything can happen.

In the middle of the city exists a public space. It’s a spot where one can seek refuge and escape anonymity, to express one’s inDividuality and affirm one’s iDentity and autonomy in order to reclaim possession of public space, and to dance in the city. An area for encounters, a site of passage, a hood where clans confront one another, where friendships are woven. Where love is created and dissolved. Now imagine two rival gangs, sharing a public place at the heart of a city, and seeking to express their iDentity and inDividuality, and you have iD.

Since the company was founded in 1993, Cirque Éloize has become a world leader in contemporary circus arts. Staging innovative productions, the company specializes in creating shows that combine circus arts with theater, dance and music in a path-breaking manner. Cirque Éloize recently partnered with Cirque du Soleil® based on a common creative vision and international entertainment appeal.


It’s time for a dance fuelled adrenaline rush. Get ready to be blown away by the pulsating and captivating performances that make Cirque Éloize iD the not to be missed family entertainment happening of the year. It’s like no other show ever seen before in South Africa. You don’t want to miss it! Book now at Computicket. Special family packages available via Computicket. For Montecasino Group Hospitality and Show and Stay Packages please dial telephone 011 367 4250

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