Sunday, 11 November 2012

Coobs in Parkhurst

On Friday night, a friend from work invited me to the opening of a great restaurant, situated on the infamous 4th Avenue in Parkhurst, named Coobs... 

The place is owned by James Diack, who was previously the head chef of Pomodoro and the Mastrantonio group, so with that in mind, I expected the food to be AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS ... and it was! 

The Starter and Dessert included some interesting combinations of ingredients (I love unconventional Flavour Fusions), while the variety of main course dishes will satisfy everyone!
The Opening Dinner Menu at Coobs on 9 November 2012
I decided on the Salmon Tartar with Lime Mayo, Wasabi Crisps with Orange Fennel Salad for a Starter, followed by the Homemade Gnocchi with Treacle Sugar Roasted Butternut and Organic Goats Cheese for Mains — The Gnocchi at Coobs is exemplary! 

I also tried the Rib Eye with Herb Anchovy Butter ... which is Exquisitely Perfect and If you're a Meat-eater, this will be your go-to dish!

From Left to Right: My Starter, Main Course and Dessert

We shared 2 desserts amongst the 4 of us (the food was so Deectable that there was simply not enough room to consume a full portion) and we decided to go with the Almond Crusted Japanese Cheesecake with Pistachio Ice Cream and Orange Blossom Creme and the Churros covered in a Cinnamon icing sugar served with hot chocolate dipping Sauce. The Churros were one of the best I've had in South Africa!
 Coobs is definitely a Great addition to 4th Avenue in Parkhurst, and if you Love Good Food and a Great Ambiance, you should definitely come for Dinner here! I'll be sure to come back here to share a few meals with Good Friends and Good Wine ... See you there!

Just a small note: They don't have a Liquor License as yet, so until they get it, make sure to bring along a bottle of your favourite wine!

4th Avenue,
(between 13th and 14th Street)

P.S. And, if you are Q-rious to know what 'Coobs' means, it is simply James' nickname.

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