Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christian Louboutin's 'Artemis'

Christian Louboutin impresses once again with a Beautiful Shoulder Embellished Bag called 'Artemis'. They’re great to add a little edge to an otherwise boring outfit or to spice up an already extreme ensemble. From afar, when wearing one of these bags, it looks like you’re accessorizing with a Glamorous Shoulder Accessory, à la Lady Gaga... 

Artemis Stud
The Straps are removable and you can transform your look with the switch of a strap. As Msr. Louboutin said, "These bags give a language to the upper body; they allow a women to play with her shoulders. Her attitude will shift with each style, just like it does when she changes pumps."

Artemis Bell

And of course, in true Louboutin Style, the inside of these bags are bright red to match their sister soles.

Personally, I love the Artemis Bow but I find the Griffon and the Spike a bit Extreme.
Artemis Bow
Artemis Griffon
Artemis Spike
And, if you are Q-rious about the price: they Range from about $1'500.00 to $2'100.00.

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