Monday, 30 April 2012

Aloft: The New Dance Project

I came across photographer Christopher Peddecord sometime last year and I fell in love with a series of his Black and White Photographs titled "Aloft: The New Dance Project" ...

A bit about Christopher Peddecord:
Coming from a Dancing/Choreography Background, Peddecord decided to take on photography — concentrating on the Movement of Dancers for a few projects.

"I’ve never been merely content to simply pose a dancer and leave things be. A pose is static and dance is anything but. Dance is at its core an expression of time, space, and energy. Still-photography takes away the element of time which makes a dancer, despite their specific intent, look inert," says Peddecord (about his photography on his website.)

His Goal is to create movement that forces the photograph to have the illusion of a before and an after, giving the still frame life and movement.

Below, some Photographs from the Series:


"In a world borne of the artificial, Aloft expresses the beauty of dance in elegant simplicity. Absent of any gimmicks, the photographs are purposely bare save for the line, the shape, the dance and most importantly the dancer."    
 — Christopher Peddecord about his Aloft: The New Dance Project Photographs

I absolutely Love this Photo!

I absolutely love how Christopher Peddecord has captured a split-second of a dancers movement on camera. If you are Q-rious to view the rest of the photographs in this Series, click here.

All photo credit: Christopher Peddecord

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