Friday, 6 April 2012

My Little Adventure...

Today I am embarking on a Little Adventure around Europe. My Itinerary will be as follows: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava (for a couple of hours and probably some lunch) and Budapest ...

I will try update all you Q-rious followers on my travels when and where I can as my days will be crammed with things to do (... shopping is included) and I have no idea where there will be wi-fi available (as data roaming fees are ridiculously expensive). 

But before I leave on my Escapade here are some pictures of the places that I'll be going to visit:






Wishing you all an Amazing Easter Holiday! Travel Safely if you're going anywhere! And Remember to always be Q-rious!


  1. You should try to visit Malta too! ;) You'd be mesmerized by the weather and especially the history, studded by the legendary Knights of St. John. By the way I work in the knightly built capital city of Valletta and this week had a client wearing one of your gorgeous bags - that's how I couldn't miss searching you online! Btw I'm an artist watch out for my artwork!
    Wishing you a great time and lots of artistic inspiration, Regards

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thanks so much for the visit. Malta is definitely on my Travel List! :) I don't make any of the bags on my blog - they are just pictures from the internet that I like :)

      Good luck with you Artistic Endeavours - I will definitely keep an eye out for you :)

      Have a great day!

      ♥ Marina B