Monday, 27 August 2012

Club Select – for Montecasino’s Premium Players

Montecasino is making gaming more appealing for the Select Gamers who expect a bit more than the crowds and noise of the gaming tables — it’s an area where Glamour and Indulgence prevail; it’s Montecasino’s all-new premier tables area called ‘Club Select’...

In Club Select, premium tables are featured and higher table-limits are offered, together with exclusive treatment and personalized service. 

The New Club Select Area Tables
Q-riouser & Q-riouser was treated to an Amazing Media Meander Evening on Thursday, at Montecasino, being one of the first people to play at the ‘Club Select’ tables as well as the New Slot Machines — and it was an Evening filled with Glitz and Glamour! We were put into Teams, and our team was called 'Emerald City'

The 'Emerald City' Team
I had never played on the tables before but once I had one of the friendly hosts explain to me how to play both Blackjack and Roulette, I had loads of fun at the tables!

The limits in Club Select will be a minimum of R25 on the Roulette tables and R100 and R200 minimum on the Blackjack tables. Along with the access, the Club Select players have to the more exclusive area, they will also receive quality brand name complimentary drinks. 

Steve Howell, General Manager of Montecasino explains: “We recognised a gap in our gaming offering for people who may not be frequent high stakes gamers, qualifying for our Privé facilities, but who want to play higher than average stakes and be given exclusive and glamorous treatment when they do come and play — Club Select is for them. It’s separate from the run of tables in the casino and it offers higher gaming stakes with an upmarket gaming table area. It’s also a comfortable conduit for those players who are on their way to becoming Club Privé gamers, offering exclusivity to the upcoming main casino players who have a high average bet.” 

After testing out the Slot Machines and the Tables, and having a Great Time, we were treated to an Amazingly Delicious Dinner at the Vibrant and Stylish MondoVino Restaurant, located at the SunSquare Hotel.

Top (L to R): The Menu, The Smoked Salmon and Mustard Dill Sauce Starter.
Bottom (L to R): Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Tian Main Course and a Beautiful Crème Brule Dessert
After Dinner we got to stay at the SunSquare Hotel; It is a trendy hotel where each room is Fashionable and Fresh in design, complete with a stunning en suite shower and all the modcons you need to stay in touch.

Top (L to R): My Room at the SunSquare Hotel, Steve Howell with other Montecasino Managers
Bottom (L to R): Tattoo doing a brief performance at Monte, The MondoVino Restaurant

It was truly a Magical and Memorable Experience filled with Entertainment. I really think that Montecasino has Something for Everyone from being in the actual casino to the numerous entertainment and dining facilities they have in the surrounding area ...


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