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Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland ...

The Storyteller

Wow!! Loving this Collection of Photos by Photographer Kirsty Mitchell. The Series is titled 'Wonderland' and has Beautiful Ethereal Fantasy Themes...

A Bit About Kirsty Mitchell:

She was born and raised on the Southeast coast of England, in the county of Kent —known to many as the ‘Garden of England’. Her late mother, Maureen, was an English teacher who was passionate about storytelling and read to her almost everyday. 

Educated in history of art, photography, fine art, costume for film and theatre and fashion design, art became her only passion. After Maureen's Death, Kirsty threw herself into photography and started producing pieces that echoed the memories of the stories her Mother read to her as a child. 

The Lavender Princess
A Bit About 'Wonderland':
Kirsty (36) collaborated with hair and make-up artist Elbie Van Eeden. Both had full-time jobs, so they spent evenings and weekends working on their 'Wonderland': creating props, wigs, and sets (on a shoestring budget). They shot in the woodlands surrounding Kirsty's home in Surrey.

"All the characters came to me in my dreams," she explained, but she delighted in the chance to step into the scenes for real: "after all, it's not often you get to stand beside an eight foot princess in the rain, or witness the dawn with a dancing circus girl on stilts!"

A Floral Birth
Gammelyn's Daughter
The Foxglove Fairy
Far, Far Away (part 2)
The Queen's Armada
An Ocean of Tales till the Shores of Home
Lady of The Lake
The Faraway Tree
LeftThe White Queen  ruling over the forest of Wonderland 
RightThe Fall of Gammelyn, a decaying forest King

The Candy Cane Witch

Left: The Beautiful Blindness of Devotion 
Right: The Briar Rose

The Path of Possibilities
Spirited Away
Her 3-year 'Labour of Love' is now almost complete and there are plans for an exhibition and accompanying book: "I just know that the day I see my mother’s name printed on the inside cover of the 'Wonderland' book, it will feel like I have finally fulfilled my promise to myself and her precious memory."

If you are Q-rious to see more photos from the 'Wonderland' Series, click here.

Source:  Mail Online
All Photos compliments of and Mail Online

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