Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Necklaces with Statements

LOVE how a Statement Necklace can make a plain outfit Pop with Personality. The Good News is: This trend is going to stick around for a few seasons to come ...

What is a Statement Necklace?

It is a Flamboyant Accessory worn around the Neck that is Bold yet Elegant. It can be made of Various Materials like Fabrics, Metals, Ropes, Buttons and Beads which can be used on their own, or combined, to create Beautiful Pieces of Jewellery. 

Benefits of Statement Necklaces
  • It's a Quick and Cheap way to 'Jazz-up' Plain and Boring Clothes.
  • There are many Designs and Styles to choose from, so everyone will be able to find something they like. 
  • Because they are so Versatile, they can be worn at daytime for a Girls Lunch or in the Evening for an Night Out on the Town
  • Apart from Basic Geometric Shapes, you can consider Trendy shapes using Mixed Media, large symbol shape and oversized necklace shapes.


  • You need to opt for a Design and Style that matches the rest of your outfit.
  • If it is the first time you are attempting to wear a Statement Necklace, keep your clothes as plain as possible (in terms of prints), so that your necklace is the Point of Focus, until you feel more confident in Pairing Statement Necklaces and Prints.
  • However, if the colour of your necklace it a solid tone i.e. black, feel free to incorporate prints into your outfit.

This is really Chic!

Large Scale, Statement Rope Necklaces by Eleanor Bolton
Neon Lace 
Beautiful Neon Combinations 
Statement Necklaces are perfect for Weddings to add a little Pizzazz 
Statement Necklace with Lace Print!

I Absolutely LOVE this!
Betsey Johnson Necklace, Gold Tone Fish Multi Charm Frontal Statement Necklace

Fun and Feminine Florals for the Summer Season!
An assortment of 'Bib' Necklaces
Bold, Bright and Beautiful!
I'm definitely on the look out for more Amazing and Unique pieces and I may even have a go at attempting to make some of my own Statement Necklaces!

Elegant Tribal Design

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  1. Some of these are amazing! I want to go look for my own now :)
    Karys x