Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vessels and Blooms

At a quick Glance these photographs look as if they are a breed of Peculiar Exotic Flowers, but on examining the photographs closer ... 

... it reveals they are actually high speed photographs of colored water, captured in a way to mimic the shape of blooms, leaves, and even pots.

Milwaukee-based Photographer, Jack Long, is responsible for these Amazing Shots! The Series is titled 'Vessels and Blooms' and Jack said he enjoys working with liquids because “all the pictures are different”.

How he Does it:
He uses water mixed with thickeners, pigments and dyes. The paint is suspended in air for a split second and he uses an electronic flash to get the moment just right. This takes a lot of planning and patience and this Project took months to compose.

If you are Q-rious to find out more about this photographer, click here or take a look at his Flickr page for a more detailed portfolio.

photos compliments of jacklongphotorbonmade

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