Thursday, 13 September 2012

September is Oral Health Awareness Month

September is Oral Health Awareness Month and this year, Oral-B invites you to take back your power in the fight against plaque and periodontal disease.

In the name of good oral health, which I personally find extremely important, the leading toothbrush brand is seeking to raise awareness around the high number of benefits associated with switching from Manual to Power brushing ... 

To prove the effects of this switch (from manual to power), Oral-B sent me an Oral-B Professional Care 500 toothbrush. 

I was very excited when it arrived: Oral-B  really does have a sense of humour as the parcel included 2 baskets: 1 filled with sweets, a soft drink and a cigarette, while the other had the Oral-B Professional Care 500 toothbrush. The package had a swing ticket attached saying: "Which hamper will you select?" 

Protecting your Pearly Whites

“Brushing your teeth is about so much more than the aesthetic appeal of a bright white smile. It’s also about reducing the incidence of plaque retention, tooth decay and periodontal disease, all of which pose risks to your general health. In fact, recent research suggests that those with periodontal disease are two times more likely to suffer from coronary artery disease than those not afflicted by this condition,” explains renowned Johannesburg dentist, Dr Hoosen.

The theory is that oral bacteria can circulate through the blood stream thereby causing damage to the inside lining of blood vessels, promoting the development of clots which can lead to a heart attack. This notion is supported by a recent article posted on the American Academy of Periodontology that suggests a link between gum disease and heart diseases and strokes.

Brush Up on Your Brushing

“Tooth decay is caused by plaque, which can be described as a thin and colourless sticky film containing bacteria that forms on one’s teeth constantly. The bacteria make use of carbohydrates (starches and sugars) to produce an acid that attacks the enamel of the teeth. Repeated acid attacks of this nature cause a cavity to form and if left unchecked can penetrate the inner softer layer of the tooth and spread rapidly through the tooth’s structure,” says Dr Hoosen.

It’s clear why brushing your teeth is so important. However, according to research conducted by Oral-B which surveyed 16 000 participants, most people do not brush for the prescribed two minutes twice a day, too much pressure is applied and they aren’t thorough enough in their technique. 

The Amazing thing about the Oral-B Professional Care 500 toothbrush is that it has a short 'stuttering' sound at 30-second intervals which reminds you to brush all 4 quadrants of your mouth for equal amounts of time.
Power Up

“For this reason, I always recommend a power toothbrush to my patients. They really help people to brush for the correct amount of time, covering all areas of the mouth equally with the right amount of pressure. Power brushes are also clinically proven to remove more plaque when compared to their manual counterparts. Furthermore, power brushes have built in oscillating-rotating technology, which helps to prevent the build-up of tartar, plaque, cavities and gum problems,” prescribes Dr Hoosen.

Too many of us believe that brushing manually is good enough ... but honestly after just 1-week of using my automated Oral-B Professional Care 500, I can say that there is quite a difference (despite the fact that I floss everynight and I religiously brush my teeth twice daily). 

So what are you waiting for?

Take back your power in the fight for Good Oral Hygiene and against oral diseases and switch to an Oral-B Power Tooth Brush ... I did! 

May the Power of 'Oral' Health 'B' with you!

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