Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Watermelon: Art or Food?

There's nothing better than coming home from work on a long Summer's day and eating Watermelon for Dinner. Unless, of course, the watermelons are beautifully carved pieces of art! ...

The Eiffel Tower, Sports Men and Women, Flowers, Celebrities, Animals and More. Just take a look at these Wonderful Watermelon Carvings that will blow your mind.

Close-up of a carved watermelon ... The Detail is AMAZING!
Possibly for Valentines Day? ...
A Star Wars Take on Watermelon Carving

Even Hello Kitty is featured

If you are Q-rious to see how a watermelon is carved take a look at the below video, it's rather Incredible!


  1. I'm buying a watermelon on the way home!

    1. After posting this, I bought a watermelon on my way home too :) It looked far too delicious to carve ... so I ate it instead

      ♥ Marina B