Thursday, 9 February 2012

I HE(ART) Design

With Valentine's Day just around the corner everybody should be 'Feeling the Love'; it's rather unavoidable with Hearts on Display in the Windows of almost every Shop...
 So, if you're not yet in the Spirit, or just feel like you need more inspiration, take a look at the below:


Heart Bracelet made from a fork ♥


Paper Graphics by Yulia Brodskaya
 Mosaic Heart (artist Laurel True) San Francisco


If you find you are in an office and it's a quiet day (and you have paper clips around) ... Why not try the below?

All you need to do is ...

.... And start spreading the (Paper clip) LOVE  



  1. Such a fabulous post!! I am so looking forward to beeing spoilt for "love" day..

    1. Thanks so much Taryn ... I hope you are spoilt to the max on V-day!

      ♥ Marina B