Sunday, 19 February 2012


It's difficult to imagine that Yulia Brodskaya only uses two simple materials for her Beautiful Illustrations — paper and glue. She refers to her work as ‘PAPERgrafics’. Her Masterful Manipulations makes you think twice about the possibilities of an everyday material that is very often discarded without a second thought...

Yulia Brodskaya
Born in 1983 in Moscow, she moved to the UK in 2004. Much of Brodskaya’s work uses an old technique called Quilling (or Paper Filigree) which is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. This style of intricate paper filigree is believed to have been used by nuns and monks during the Renaissance to adorn religious objects.

Yulia creating the cover of New Scientist (Left) and the finished product (right)

Brodsksaya says of her work:
I’m constantly experimenting and evolving, always pushing my style in new directions: my greatest passion is to explore ways of illustration and typography.”

This piece is titled 'Love Dove' ... and it's my favourite!

Yulia's  'Papergrafics' from recycled cardboard to portray an important message

This young artist has built herself a reputation with her stunning creations. She’s worked with HermèsNokiaCadburyThe GuardianThe New York Times, among many other great names...

Yulia's 'Papergrafics' for Hermès
An Advert for Nokia with Yulia's 'Papergrafics'
Cadbury's Dairy Milk advert using Yulia's 'Papergrafics'
'Papergrafics' for Starbucks

If this doesn't make you want to get out your paper and glue and start crafting — at least one things for sure ... Yulia Brodskaya definitely knows what to do in a 'paper jam'!

If you are Q-rious to see more of her work, click here.
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  1. this is amazing work never thought quilling could be used for ad campaigns!!