Friday, 24 February 2012

Braccialini ... In your handbag lies all your life

Ladies, feast your eyes on these Gorgeous Handbags from Braccialini — a leather accessories company based in Florence, Italy. The company operates in 40 countries with 50 mono brand stores globally…

A bit of History:
Carla and her husband Roberto Braccialini started the company in 1954 as a small workshop with 4-5 employees. After an incident where Carla’s bag was stolen, she was inspired to create a bag in the shape of a house and so, the brands tagline “In your handbag lies all your life” was born.

The House handbag was well received and gave Carla the opportunity to play around with her creativity and passion, soon after many unique shapes like the Tomato, Taxi and the Owl were created and formed part of the Temi Collection which have become the image of the brand.
A Rose forms the brand's logo because of Carla’s love for flowers. Carla has also been the recipient of the ‘Cavaliere del Lavoro’' award — the maximum recognition assigned to entrepreneurs who distinguish themselves in the economic world.

They come in all sorts of designs; just take a look below at some of the variations:

[All Images from the Braccialini Shop]

If you are Q-rious to find out more about this Amazing Brand and their Beautiful Handbags and other Accessories, click here

I love the Tomato and the Owl Handbag Designs ... Which one's your favourite?  

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