Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Brogue in Vogue

Dear Aldo,

I Love your Shoes! (My Credit Card ... not so much)

♥ Marina B
My Beautiful New  Brogues *Sigh*

I've been wanting a pair of Brogues for a really long time, but I'm particularly fussy with the way a shoe looks on my foot: I have a certain 'Shoe-to-Foot' Ratio that must be upheld when buying shoes. And today, I finally found the perfect pair! (Yes, at Aldo ... and the BEST part is they were on SALE!) So, if you are Q-rious, here's a bit of info on the Brogue:

A Brogue is a Shoe traditionally made of a sturdy leather upper (or in todays age 'Man-Made Materials'), constructed using multiple pieces that have been decorated with perforations, known as 'brogueing'
Brogue Shoe by Tricker's
A Bit of History:
The Shoe originated in Scotland and Ireland and was constructed to allow water to drain from the shoe through the perforations. This was particularly handy (well, in this case 'footy') when crossing wetlands. It was traditionally a Men's Shoe and in the early 20th century was considered as outdoor footwear, and not as a formal business and social shoe as it is known today. Since then, the Brogue Evolved: It can now be worn by women as well as men and can be found in a variety of forms (from sneakers to boots to high-heeled) using a variety of fabrics (from leather to canvas).

Ladies: Team your Brogues with dresses, skinny jeans, shorts, trousers.
Gents: Wear your Brogues with Trousers, Jeans or shorts

Basically, Brogues are really versatile and can be worn for any occasion if styled correctly.

Below some inspirational Brogues and Outfits:
Black Mens Suite with a Fancier Coloured Brogue (Prada S/S 2011)
Wear a Boot Brogue with Trousers, Shirt and Jacket:
A Casual Look:

A day in the Office:
Why not have some fun: Match your Socks to your Jersey :)
Nike Mid Top Brogue-inspired Sneaker
Jack Purcells by Converse: A Brogue/Sneaker Fusion
And for the Ladies:
Left: Brogues worn with Plaid Shorts and a Cardigan for a Preppy Look.
Right: Wear a printed Brogue with a Cute Dress for Day-time Style

Sienna Miller Wearing Brogues with Skinny Jeans
Stuart Weitzman Advert 2011.
or an Androgynous  Look, Pair your Brogues with a tailored Suit
Taylor Swift Wearing some Cute Outfits with Brogues
Why not thread ribbon instead of laces?
Click here for source
Crochet Panelled Brogue
Rag and Bone Brogue Wedge
Floral Panelled Brogues:

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