Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Christmas 'Wrap'

For those of you thinking I'm writing about Eminem's Christmas Album (All Artists are releasing their Holiday Albums now) well, I'm afraid you're mistaken. Christmas is around the corner and we all have to buy gifts and then ... Wrap them! Dum Dum Dum! ...

Personally, I love wrapping my gifts in Brown Paper and then Customising them with fun accessories. Below are a few Gift Wrapping ideas and inspirations:
Add Felt Toys instead of Ribbon for Kids
A Paper Punch + Coloured Paper = Awesome Ribbon
Add Names in a contrast Paper (i.e. old maps and sheet music)
Pine Cones, Pine Needles & Twine
Initials in a Contrasting Coloured Paper
Wool Weaving as Ribbon
Colourful Lights instead of a Ribbon
Crossword Puzzle Paper (This is too Awesome! You Circle the Occasion it's for!
... I spent a while looking for other words)
Add Little Charms to Twine (Try Snowflakes for Christmas)
Pieces of Crochet, Ribbon and Measuring Tape
Use Old Maps as Wrapping Paper

Ok, this says "Happy Birthday Dad", But you can customise it to say
whatever you want ... It's a cool idea!

Sheet Music, Bells and Ribbon
Sheet Music and Pine Needles
Lace Ribbon for a bit of Variety
Make Wool Pom Poms and Braids
Use Paint Chip Cards from (Dulux or Plascon) to make cute Gift Tags 

I'm gonna 'Wrap' this Post up ... Enjoy!

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