Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's About Time!

I Love Vintage! And nothing says Vintage more than a good ol' Watch (Pocket Watches are favourable). In Today's Modern World Watches are worn more as an accessory than to tell the time (We got iPhones, Smartphones and Tablets to do that for us). However it's always nice to see a beautifully crafted watch...

Watches for the Gents:

Patek Philippe Antique Gents Pocket Watches

Officers Pocket Watch from Russia (WW2)
Swiss Army Leather-Cased Pocket Watch
Patek Philippe Classic Watch

Accordion Steampunk Wrist Watch
Steampunk Leather Cuff Wristwatch

And some Watches for the Ladies:

Peacock Watch Necklace
Steampunk Watch Necklace with Key Pendant
Watch Necklace with Key Pendant
Pocket Watch Lace Chocker

Steampunk Style Watch
Ring with Watch Face
Ladies Steampunk Wristwatch Cuff
Ladies Steampunk Wristwatch with Lace and Ruffles

Some of my own Watch Collection:
I treasure these pieces ofJewellery! Most of them were found at Sass Diva and one on the Streets of Paris:

The Watch on the left is from Paris ♥
Time Out

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  1. I absolutely love that Peacock Watch Necklace. Stunning! :)