Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Point of 'Nori'-turn

Well, what can I say, 'I'm on a roll' ... or, at least, I was eating them tonight at the Sushi Bar down the road from my house with a few amazing friends (and wine — you can never forget wine)...

For those of you who didn't know: 'Nori' is the seaweed part of the sushi (hopefully now you can appreciate the pun in the Post Title). I'm a Sushi Lover, so I decided to share a few of my favourite places below:

Some of my Favourite places for Sushi in Johannesburg, South Africa are:


There are a couple of these that I've seen around, but my favourite one is at Monte Casino. Their 'Pull Factor' is that they have rather exciting Fusion-Sushi Concepts (along with the more familiar ones). They are a bit pricey and the pricing is based on a colour-coded plate system, but it's worth it!
RecommendationsYou'll find quirky combinations like tuna, strawberries and cream cheese and kiwi and tuna California Rolls ... Give them a try.


Is located at Number 4, The High Street, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. This spot is a big hit with sushi lovers and those that want to be spotted out in Jo’burg. Traditional massages at your table are also available and as a whole this venue is too good to be missed if you enjoy top class sushi. 
Recommendations: I love their Rainbow Rolls and Seared Tuna Sashimi.

CTFM (Cape town Fish Market): 
Situated around the country, however, my favourite one is in Sandton City. They have a 2-for-1 special on Tuesdays, so you will more than likely find me there on a tuesday night with a good friend of mine drinking wine and chatting away. The pricing is based on a colour-coded plate system.
Recommendations: Their Salmon Hand Rolls (Temaki) are my Absolute Favourite and I recently braved their Deep Fried Sushi (Definitely a 'Must-try' for Adventurous Sushi lovers)


This is my ultimate go to sushi bar, mainly because it is a 1 minute and 20 second drive from my house and they are extremely well-priced. The pricing is also based on a colour-coded plate system or (If you're feeling ravenous) eat all you want sushi for R130 (Sunday-Thursday). 
Recommendations: Salmon Skin California Rolls (Do not be frightened of the name, this is Amazingly Delicious!). They also make a selection of sushi with crumbed chicken pieces  which is rather yummy (even though I do prefer salmon in my sushi). Their 'Big Party Platter' is good value for money (R360 for ±70 pieces of assorted sushi/sashimi).

Bon Appétit!  

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