Monday, 26 December 2011

Identif{Eye}: The Cat Eye

The 'Cat Eye' has been around since the times of Cleopatra (30BC). It was a common look in the 1950s, and is now experiencing a revival in popularity. Cat Eye makeup can be used for Glam evening eyes or serve as a fun look for daytime and, with practice, it is relatively simple to do...

Here's a Simple How-To Video from M∙A∙C's Make-up Artist Tiffany:

Personally, For an evening look I like to keep a nude lip when making a Dramatic Cat Eye but if I'm creating a simplistic Cat Eye then do I go for a Bold, Bright Lip like Oranges, Hot Pinks and Reds. For daytime I like to stick with Nude and Pastel shades for my Cat Eye.

Interesting Fact!
During Ancient Egyptian Time, Egyptians used to line their eyes in a cat-eye style for medical and spiritual purposes. Ancient Egyptian Doctors recommended the use of eye makeup to reflect the rays of the sun and to keep insects away. Also as the eye represents protection (such as the eye of Horus), and decorating it i.e. with a cat eye, acted as a protective amulet.
Some Inspiration for your 'Meow-Tastic' Cat Eye:

Use Browns for a subtle Day-time Look

Angelina Jolie Rocking a Subtle Cat Eye and a Nude Lip
A Purrr-fect Daytime Look
Audrey Hepburn and her famous Cat Eye Makeup
Try a Cat Eye with Coloured Liners like Turquoise
After completing a Cat Eye in Black, Line the Black Liner with another colour like Red

Rainbow Cat Eye
Leighton Meester


Create A Smokey Cat Eye
Add Red Lipstick for a 50s Glam Feel
Dramatic Cat Eye and Bold Lip

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