Monday, 2 January 2012

Never Never Land with Peter Pan (Collars)

A Peter Pan Collar is a specific type of shirt collar, usually found on women’s and girl’s clothing. The collar evokes a sense of innocence, and the simple design appeals to Ladies of all ages.
Elle Fanning for Marie Claire
Top, $550, Peter Pan Collar, $490, Louis Vuitton; Gloves, $40, Carolina Amato.
The name of the collar is a reference to Peter Pan, a fictional character who lives in Neverland, written by J.M. Barrie in the early 1900s. I'm sure you all know the tale, but for those of you who don't: It is a fairytale about a little boy who never grows up, and the Peter Pan collar is intended to evoke the same fairytale sense of eternal youthfulness. 

Several things distinguish a Peter Pan collar from other types of shirt collars:

  • The edges of a Peter Pan collar are Rounded. 
  • The edges of the rounds may meet or overlap, or there may be a gap between them. 
  • The collar is typically small and unobtrusive, however, presently it ranges in size and fabrications and may (or may not) have embellishments.
  • Usually, a shirt or dress with a Peter Pan collar is considered modest, since the collar hugs the neck, not leaving room for display of décolletage or cleavage.
Outfit Ideas:

Triple Peter Pan Collar

Work Outfits:

Embellished Collars:

Peter Pan Collars can also be a Separate Piece, like an Accessory:
Detachable Leather Collar from ASOS ($26.90)
Louis Vuitton Peter Pan Necklace Fall 2011
Sequence Peter Pan collar by Gemma Lister
Embellished Peter Pan Collar Necklace

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