Sunday, 1 January 2012

Here's to 2012 Darlings!

After copious amounts of Champagne and Dancing the night away in 6-inch heels with Amazing People, it's finally here ... The first Morning (and Hangover) of 2012.

People start their Resolutions today to better themselves on many different levels: Personally, Emotionally, Financially, Spiritually. So, below I've decided to share some of my own resolutions:

1. Live Happily Ever After. Whether it's with someone, by yourself or with a dog, this is possibly the most important achievement we all strive for ... to be Happy. So find cheer in the little things in life and do more of what makes you HAPPY!

2. Try Everything at least Once. (Twice or more if you enjoy it). Otherwise, how will you ever know if you truly like or dislike something? You only have one life ... so make it count.

3. Travel. Someone once said that "The World is Like a Book and if you don't travel, you only end up Reading one Page". I want to read Many Pages in 2012!


4. Be More Aware. Be more Knowledgeable about your surroundings. Read Newspapers, Magazines, watch the News, use the Internet. In the 21st Century, Knowledge is a Google Search away ... so Don't be Afraid to Find the Answer to that Question that's been bugging you.

It's a clean slate that's waiting to be filled with all sorts of Wonderful Adventures...Make your Adventures Memorable ... and Q-rious!

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