Thursday, 12 January 2012

Specs Appeal

The Majority of the population owns this Little Accessory; whether they be prescription or tinted for the sun or both, glasses are always a voguish item to have. But what are the trends to expect for 2012: Square or Round ... or both? 

So, have a Spec-tacular year with the below Sunglass Trends for 2012:

Trends for 2012:

1. The Cat Eye: Immortalised by 50s starlet Audrey Hepburn, a cat eye frame is a short cut to the glam, retro look that’s heating up as a major trend this season.

2. Quirky Shapes: Hearts, Stars, Ovals and Diamond Shaped Frames are included. These are for bold and fun people who like to stand out of the crowd. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

3. Round Shades: For Summer 2012 its round frames. Flashback to John Lennon’s tea shades and you’ve got the right idea. Ranging from his thin framed style, to the thick framed look Lady Gaga favours, round glasses are popping up all over. But, round sunglasses won’t be that simple: frames and lens will be in different hues and frames can come with patterns or jewel-encrusting.
Ashley Olsen and Lady Gaga wearing Round Frames

Tom Ford S/S 2012 Campaign
4. Sporty Sunglasses: With many designers launching sports inspired sunglasses (due to the Olympic Games this year) they will not be limited to athletes only. They have become less about utility, and more about style.

5.Gradient Lenses: are not new to the industry but from time to time designers tend to love them more than other styles. S/S 2012 is just that time.

6. Contrast SunglassesThe lenses and/or the frames are made in different colours which is an excellent way to follow the color blocking trend which will still be featured this year.
ASOS sunglasses
With so many different trends in sunglasses this summer, it will be easy to find the right ones to suit your style and face shape. This is definitely the time to be more adventurous with your sunglass choices.

I'm Q-rious to find out what trends will you be trying this year?

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