Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dilly for illy ♥

Ever had an espresso or a cappuccino and on having your first sip found that it tasted awful? 
Well, as of today, I will avoid such affairs because I can now spot tell-tale signs which cafés make a good coffee as well as how-to make a great 'cup of joe' using proper equipment. Complements of Neofundi and illy, I attended an Amazing Barista Course through "Università del Caffè del Sud Africa" today. Being a devoted coffee drinker I can honestly say I was overwhelmed as to how little I really knew about coffee and the Art of making that perfect Espresso or Cappuccino! ...

Arriving at the illy HQ, I was met by a charming Barista named Michelangelo (rather fitting, I thought, as to me making a cup of coffee is an art) who offered to make me a Cappuccino (might I add that this cappuccino looked like art and tasted like heaven). After the rest of the team arrived and meeting everyone (and some more amazing coffee made by Michelangelo) we began on the first, and most vital, part of the course...Theory. Learning everything from the history of coffee to the major importers and consumers, what different coffee beans look like, the roasting process, how different machinery works and even secrets on how to make that perfect coffee. Furthermore, there was a trouble shooting section and what to do if your coffee isn't tasting perfect.
illy interior
After learning a great deal of theory, we were treated to a wonderful lunch, and you guessed it: More incredible illy Coffee!

Next we were shown how to use the 'Professional' illy coffee machines and the milk steamers ... and then the fun began — Making our own Espressos and Cappuccinos (including pictures with the milk froth!)

Michelangelo Tamping the Ground Coffee
My attempts at Coffee Art 
The aim of the training facility is to become a centre of excellence by enhancing the culture of coffee and providing appropriate levels of focus to every aspect of coffee, from plantation to the preparation of the perfect cup of coffee. All in All it was a Fabulously informative day filled with amazingly delicious illy coffee after which we even received Certificates! If you are a coffee fanatic I strongly recommend taking a course like this ... you will be surprised how much there is to know!
My Certificate :)
Little interesting things that I learnt:

  • A Barista is a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks.
  • Coffee must be tamped with 20kg of pressure
  • Coffee is the second most valuable primary commodity and the second most traded commodity after Crude Oil.
  • Robusta Beans have more Caffeine content than Arabica Beans
  • 1 espresso has less than 2 kcal (with no milk or sugar!!! Yay!)
  • When making coffee, the water temperature must be between 88˚-92˚C otherwise the coffee will be burnt.
  • A Robusta bean has 22 chromosomes while an Arabica bean has 44 chromosomes.

If you are Q-rious to go on this Barista Course or want to find out more info about illy click here, or contact illy (South Africa) on +27 11 493 8701.
The Display of Designer illy Cups

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  1. Yummy! There's nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning! You got a good cup of a day filled with coffee! I'm jealous! :) Illy coffee... here I come!!!