Friday, 13 January 2012

Curls, Corsets and Crinolines

I sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era. Don't get me wrong the technology part of the 21st century is awesome, not to mention having Woman's Rights, but somehow, a piece of my soul lives elsewhere, a different time. A time where Corsets and Crinolines Ruled where dressing to go out involved meticulous adoration of every Curl...

Definition: a lock of hair having a spiral or coiled form.


Definition: a woman's tightly fitting undergarment extending from below the chest to the hips, worn to shape the figure.

Definition: a stiffened or hooped petticoat worn to make a long skirt stand out.

If you are Q-rious for an easy and heat-free way to Curl your hair overnight, take a peek at the video below:


  1. I really love this blog Marina, and I Can't wait to try the head band curl technique at home!!! Xoxox

    1. Thanks so much! ... The Curl technique is Awesome! And it's super quick and easy to do and very comfortable to sleep-in with overnight. Q-rious to know the outcome ... please let me know ♥