Monday, 30 January 2012

Couture Collections: Givenchy

Riccardo Tisci, the Creative Director of Givenchy took inspiration from the 1927 Fritz Lang movie Metropolis and the theme music from Russian film, 1924′s Aelita (Аэлита), to create the Haute Couture Range for S/S 2012...

The most striking element of the Givenchy Couture Collection was the jewellery: large, prominent but exquisitely decorative nose rings and chandelier earings.

There was a Contrast of Themes: Feminine sheer layers with revealing open backs juxtaposed with heavy metal details like the cross-shoulder chain straps and over-sized nose rings.

Each of the ten pieces featured meticulous design details and craftsmanship; which left me wishing there were more pieces to the Collection.


  1. What is the link with Basketball (backdrop)? very odd

    1. I find it rather arbitrary as well ... but it does make a statement :)

      ♥ Marina B

    2. it sure does!