Friday, 27 January 2012

iCase for iPhone

Ok, Ok, so I've been waiting for iStores and Vodacom to get stock of the Oh-So-Wonderful iPhone 4S. They still don't have stock but I'm already planning on how to accessorise my little Gadget: no iPhone is complete without a rather cool case (How else are you supposed to make your iPhone Look unique?)...

Whether you have an iPhone 4/4S and want a new cover or are just Q-rious to see what's out there 'iFound' some rather amazing covers while browsing the Internet (there is a link which directs you to 'where to buy' them):

iWood 4 Cobra  [link]

For the Choco-holic [link]
Camera Bamboo Case for iPhone 4 [link]

Silicone Cassette Tape Case  [link]

Funny Electrical Outlet iPhone 4 [link]

iShoes Silicone Case with Laces [link]

Bunny Rabit Silicone Case with Tail Stand [link]
BookBook for iPhone  [Link]
 iBottleopener Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4 [link]

Grove Bamboo iPhone Cases – Artist Series [link]

Silicone Lego Case [link]
Arnsdorf Crystal Case [link]

Blossom Case [link]

My Favourite is the Dusty Pink Blossom Cover ... What's yours?

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