Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Braided Bun

I found this really Cute Hair Tutorial from The Beauty Department. It can be done on almost any texture or length of hair, using regular or fishtail braids! See below for instructions...
  • Curling iron
  • 5 clear elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Sectioning clips 
  • Hairspray (optional)
Start by curling your hair. Nothing too fancy, just a quick curl will do as this makes the loose ends easier to control. When hair is stick straight, it often pops right out of the braid, but you can avoid a lot of that when you bend the ends. This is a great braiding trick if you have lots of layers that tend to jump out! If you have curly/wavy hair already, skip this step.
  1. Section your hair off from ear to ear, going across the crown of your head and clip the sides up. Then, braid 3 sections in the back, just like in the photo above.
  2. Gently pull the braids apart for a looser, softer texture.
  3. This is what the braids will look like when pulled apart. See how much softer and wider they get? This will create a more natural overall updo.
  4. Bobby pin the 3 braids into a low bun. Cross them over each other, or weave them in and out of each other. Whatever looks best on you! Stop and check your profile in a hand mirror. This is really important. You want to make sure everything looks even and balanced from the sides and back!
  5. This is the fun part. The side braids will lay over the top so it could be fun to do french or fishtail braids here to mix it up!  If you don’t have a fringe (bangs), it could be fun to do a french braid starting from the part.
  6. Pin and secure the side piece. Tuck the tail of the braid into the bun shape you’ve created.
  7. Repeat the braid on the other side.
  8. Pin and secure this piece into the bun shape as well. Tuck the tail end in and give it a light veil of hairspray for hold.


If you are Q-rious, you can find more hairstyle and hair tips from the The Beauty Department here.

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