Friday, 2 March 2012

The Cartier Odyssey

Cartier has revealed an exclusive preview of its upcoming film "The Cartier Odyssey" via Facebook today, featuring three panthers and a host of fantasy scenes...

The film is in honor of Cartier's 165th anniversary and marks the label's most ambitious advertising project for over a decade. The panther (the label's symbol since 1914) will take viewers on a journey through Cartier's iconic designs during the three-and-a-half-minute spectacular. 

Cartier Advert with Panther Cubs
Directed by Bruno Aveillan, who has previously worked for houses including Louis Vuitton, the film will debut 4 March 2012 on television screens across the US, France, China, Russia, the UK, Hong Kong and the Middle East. It will also appear on Facebook and via dedicated micro-sites. 

Click here if you are Q-rious to view the movie (it will be out on the 4th of March) or take a peek at the Sneak Preview below...

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