Monday, 12 March 2012

Divine Decedance

Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo

It’s been three years since Gavin Rajah has showcased in Johannesburg; I, and many others, were able to witness his return with his Autumn/Winter Couture 2012/13 Show, titled 'Anatome d'une Rose', at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week in Jo'burg...

The Show began with Sounds of Rolling Thunder, Lightning and Pouring Rain (which was fitting of the weather outside). Gorgeous Dresses began to emerge from backstage and the models slowly glided down the runway, in order for everyone to get a good look at the details.

Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo
The Collection was in spired by A Summer Rose Garden fading into Fall and embraces influences from Albertus Seba’s, Thesaurus.  The Show was filled with Opulance and was a Grand Example of what Couture should be.

Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo
Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo

Gavin Rajah said in an interview with City Press: “The collection is an exploration of botanical drawings of roses, and anatomical drawings of insects and reptiles. There is beauty in everything whether it be decay, preservation or death. The traditional cultural and literary references to flora symbolises love, innocence and fragrance. It’s juxtaposed over the often macabre cabinet of curiosities I find fascinating. In some way it reflects the passage of life, a fall from innocence, a multitude of experiences both good and bad.” [read the rest of the article here]

Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo
Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo

The Colour Pallet consisted of Clean Monochromes, Soft Pastels and Shimmering Champagnes but included a flash of a fresh blue-green colours on a few garments mid-way in the Show.

Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo

The workmanship on the Garments was exquisite and very detailed. Looking at the intensity of each beaded attribute and rose structures, it is no wonder that each dress takes 50 hours to make. Gavin is comfortable with people coming backstage and asking him to see the clothes 'up close' as he makes sure, the finishings on every garment is Faultless.

The Detail in the GarmentsPhoto Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo
The fits were draped and Flowed down the runway. The fabrics shimmered with sequins, beading, tassels and silk flower embroideries.

Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo

The Mood echoed with Romance but was juxtaposed with exuberant confidence of a woman who is certain in her Sartorial choices and is effortless Sexy yet Sophisticated.

Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo

The Dress below was the Show-Stopper of the Evening and many people in the crowd "Oohed and Aahed" when the dress appeared on the ramp.

Photo Credit: Simon Denier/SDR Photo
The Collection was Exquisite and Definitely my Favourite at Fashion Week. All I can say now is I yearn to own one of these beautiful dresses ... A Girl can Dream (and Strive towards Something ... Challenge Accepted)!

If you are Q-rious to find out more on this designer, click here


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