Monday, 19 March 2012

Dancing Denim

This Levi's Commercial featuring the Korean National Ballet Company shows that 'Anything is Possible' in Levis' Stretch-to-Fit Jeans by using the beauty and movement of ballet to demonstrate the jeans 'stretchability'...

These Jeans are made for Dancing Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere — from spins to lifts to high jumps; the dancers make ballet look incredibly easy, especially in jeans

The Advert features a Modern Ballet Dance, choreographed by Hong Sejung and performed by two up-and-coming Ballet Dancers, Kim Li Hoe and Lee Dong Hoog. It was shot on various locations around Seoul in South Korea. Just take a look below:

I think I may need a bit more practise before I start Dancing in Public like that. Although, I wonder if the Dancing Skills come with the Levis' Stretch-to-Fit Jeans? Hmmm ... Q-rious!

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